Our Philosophy

From its first steps, and within the frame of efforts for meeting its objectives, ALAVE DMI has set, as a Company's philosophy, the following rules, inviolable under any circumstances:

 1. The quality of the works.

2. The efforts for continues improvement.

3. The feeling of satisfaction, created to the Company and its personnel by the successful

completion of a project, should never be considered as less important than the profitability

of the project.

4. The successful completion of a project can only be ensured by the constant cooperation of

all involved parties (owners, engineers, contractors, personnel, collaborators, suppliers

and subcontractors).

5. The consistency in the execution of the projects, as well as the quality of the construction,

lead to long term benefits that are always more important than the short term profits.


The above basic principles, which consistently been practiced by the Company and have been acknowledged by its customers, have placed ALAVE DMI among the leading companies in the Greek Marine and Military Sector and, simultaneously, have set the basis for its further expansion beyond the borders of the country.