Defence Industry

                   LEOPARD2  ARV-HEL                             


In 2003 Alave Dmi, as RHEINMETALL-LANDSYSTEME GmbH representative and up to the completion of the project, was actively involved in managing the LEO2 ARV-HEL offset program. We successfully managed so the following key-issues are completed:



· Know how Transfer

· Technical Support

· Quality Inspection

· Production Supervision and Control

· Project Coordination


Our main efforts were to support local industry to complete their obligations towards the offset program. With our help and technical expertise they managed to deliver all the parts on time.



Electronic Systems

 a) All special cables and cable harnesses

 b) All electrical systems

Mechanical - Hydraulics

 Machining of parts of any shape, quantity and material.

Armored Vehicle Hull

 Manufacturing of the complete Hull and Recovery components (Crane, dozer blade, lifting winches).



LEOPARD2 A4 for the Greek Army


Alave Dmi continuing the very successful cooperation with RLS was involved by supporting the main contractor for LEO2 A4 in two different areas: On site repairs by providing staff and supporting also with staff and administrative duties on DEPO.



Also, Alave Dmi, supports RLS by providing engineers for

upgrading  PzH 2000 of the Greek army.


In parallel we supply the Greek army with needed materials

for all maintenance levels either on site or at DEPO.